If you're having trouble and get an error as image below. Here is something you can try.

These are the most common reasons:

  • You are not logged in to Henull: Login to your Henull account before using the product. Please always keep and do not close https://www.henull.com/ tab during use.

  • Clean your cookies (Ctrl + R or Ctrl + Shift + R), wait a few minutes then try again.

  • Your browser has some extensions that are inhibiting the app. Try using new profile or other browser.

  • Some ad blocking software such as AdGuard, AdBlock,... may interfere with the application's operation. Please turn it off when using.

You can create a new Chrome profile to use Henull. Here's how. Chat us if these do not solve your issue.

Remember to use Chrome as this browser contains the functionality needed for ANY product to function as intended. Other browsers have some of this functionality or none.

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