Henull 10% Cashback Programme - Earn Coin For Every Dollar You Spend

With an aim of serving more interesting promotions to members, Henull is launching a 10% Cash Back program for completed orders.

We thank you for choosing Henull and we are excited to have you as a user! Henull 10% Cashback Programme is our way of giving back and showing our gratitude toward our valued customers.

What is Coin?

Coin is one kind of bonus system for rewarding buyer members on Henull.com. These coins can be exchanged for our products and services.

You earn rewards cashback (Coin) when you place an order of any amount. The cashback rewards value will automatically be added to your rewards wallet.

Here’s a simple guide on how our rewards cashback works:

How can I check my Coins?

Follow the following steps to view account Coin details:

How to spend my Coins?

This is the easy! At your next purchase, during “Checkout”, check the checkbox to use your Coins.

You’ll be able to see the amount offset at the summary page.

Terms & Conditions

All customers are entitle​d to Coins based on the new criteria effective from 9/9/2022. The Coins validity will follow the current terms and conditions of Henull.

  • Member’s Henull account must be active at the time of redemption.

  • Henull members can redeem Coins when buying any product at Henull store.

  • Members will be cashback 10% of the value of each completed order.

  • Friendly remind that all the reward coins only valid for 30 days since you've acquired it.

  • Coins that have been used to exchange will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.

  • Exchange rate and expiry date are subject to change.

Henull 10% Cashback Program will last until further notice and any updates will be communicated to members via notifications.

May you have lots of health, happiness and success in life!


Henull Team.

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