How to recover a Previous Project in Canva Pro

There are 2 ways to switch your designs to another team:

Method 1

  • Select Project to access the projects you've created previously.

  • Choose the specific project you want to copy and click on Copy to another team as shown in the image.

  • Then, select the team where you want to switch your designs.

Method 2

Step 1: At the Canva’s Payment Renewal screen → Select Projects to see the projects you have created before.

Step 2: Select the project that you want to convert → Click Share

Step 3: In the Link shared publicity section → Select Anyone with the link (Can edit) → then Copy link

Step 4: Return to the homepage: → Switch to another team Canva Pro Plus → Then paste the link you just copied in Step 3 and now you can edit it in Canva Pro

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