What is share tools?

Its means we do Group Buy and share tools. All tools are bought from original official site. After legally complete purchase we share access details with members. Original price value very high. This way you will get it for cheaper.

For shared accounts, we only provide access and usage rights to the products that you have purchased. This means that we do not support third-party products or any other installations. Also, please understand that we are not the owners or developers of these products, so we do not manage their data and cannot add the functionality you want.

For shared accounts, you need to use them through our system. Some of them may require installing the Henull application for them to work properly.

Device requirements:

  • Ensure your browser is updated to the latest version

  • A device running Windows 10 or higher for Pc/laptop

  • The application works properly only on the Chrome browser

How long does it take to receive the item(s) when I pay?

  • For available products, we will deliver it to you within 24 hours.

  • For group buying products, we will deliver the product to you when it's available or we get enough participants.

Product Accuracy

All information is for reference purposes only and may not be representative of the final product. Information may also be unavailable for product variants.

To avoid risk, we do not support connecting any of your social media, store accounts, etc. to any of our products. Additionally, we do not provide API for any of our products.

Do you offer trial of your products?

Yes, right. We have a trial version Plan. You only pay from $1 and in return your 01 day trial includes all the features of the plan you choose when signing up.

When does my 1-day trial end exactly?

The trial ends 24 hours after sign up, meaning it ends at the same time of day you signed up.

For trial plan, there is no refund available.

Is it possible to pay monthly for the subscription?

Yes, we have both annual and monthly plans for most products. Don't forget that you can save up to 40% by subscribing to the annual plan when compared to the plan paid monthly!

Is there any setup cost? Hidden charges?

What you see is what you get! There are no hidden charges or setup costs associated with Henull.

Is my subscription plan automatically renewed?

Don't worry. Your subscription won't be extended automatically unless you renew it manually.

Are there any limits for a shared account?

That's a fair question. We set usage limits when using to protect the interests of all our customers. Please see our Fair Use Policy here.

Are files or projects deleted? What should I do?

Please understand that we provide shared accounts. The accounts may be changed or your project may be deleted. We recommend that you download and save an item as soon as you're done.

How do I get in touch with you?

We believe you will enjoy using Henull Service, however if you face any issues, we will be here to attend to you. Send us an email to our support desk and we will get back to you ASAP! [email protected]

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