How to use Midjourney account?

Access your Henull account, go to PURCHASED, click on INDIVIDUAL tab to receive account information and instructions for using Midjourney.

  • After logging into Discord account, select Verify with something else.

  • Continue selecting Use a backup code.

  • Enter the code provided and click Confirm.

Please note that each account is restricted to a single device login. Ensure you use the server corresponding to your order and avoid utilizing someone else's server.

Some notes when using Midjourney account:

  • If your account is logged out, please contact us to receive a new code.

  • Each user can create a server other beyond the one provided. This does not affect other users because we only allow each user to log in from one device.

  • Some servers may belong to users with expired accounts. While these servers can be retained for customers to download their files, they do not have permission to use Midjourney.

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