Why is my order cancelled?

“Cancelled” is an automatic status change from “Pending Payment”.

In most cases, your order canceled because your payment was not successfully processed. This can be due to:

  1. You reached your maximum of allowed payments on a PayPal guest account. There can also be other limitations: in all in these cases, contact PayPal.

  2. The pop-up for payment information was blocked by a firewall or was clicked away. Disable any pop-up blocker and place a new order.

  3. Fraud prevention restrictions by the credit card company, which can lead to orders being canceled based on the IP address you used. Use a different payment method, or find another computer or location to perform the payment.

  4. A failure occurring with your bank or payment method. Check with your bank if there are any issues, payment limitations, or if you have enough funds available.

When your order is canceled, it means that you will have to place a new order.

If none of these apply to you, or if you need more help, contact our Customer Support.

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