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Where do I access my purchase(s)?

In this article, we explain how to access your digital purchase from Henull.
  • If you are a new user, please check your inbox/spam box for confirmation email first (if you already have an account, please Login with Your Email and Password).
  • Once your order is complete, the product is shown on the PURCHASED page, and you will also receive an email notification.
  • You may also visit our site at any time to see your purchase(s).
To get started, go through the short introductory tutorial. Let's go!
If your order has not been activated yet, please go to Subscriptions and click on Active Now to activate it first.
Click Reload or press F5 to update your order/tool ​​if it hasn't already appeared
Please always keep and do not close tab during use.

For Tools (shared & individual account)

In this area you'll find everything you need to get up and running as quickly as possible with the Henull app/browser:
1. Henull Browser
2. Henull Application
Please go to the PURCHASED, click the Tools tab then click Browser to use it.
Remember to use Chrome as this browser contains the functionality needed for ANY product to function as intended. Other browsers have some of this functionality or none.
For Application version, you must first download and install the Henull app. Goes to the PURCHASED, click the Tools. Then click on the Application
to show the links to download Henull app. Download and install the application version that is appropriate for your PC configuration.
Here's how:
Awesome! Once the Henull app is installed and you are ready to go. Log into your Henull account, go to the PURCHASED, click the Tools tab then click Application to use it.
The application works properly only on the Chrome browser. Run the Henull app and keep it open while using our system apps.
You only need to install Henull App on the first use. For the next use, run Henull App and then click on Application button to use it. Repeat these steps if you use another PC. We don't support mobile yet. You'll have to use Henull app on your laptop.

Individual Account

Once your order is complete, please go to the PURCHASED, click the INDIVIDUAL tab to find all available products.
If you don't see your product here. Please wait for staff to process. Staff may contact you if additional information is needed to complete your order.

For Course, Themes and Template

Once your order is complete, please go to the PURCHASED, click the DOWNLOAD tab to find all available products.
Except for group buying products, most of our Course, Themes and Template are available to deliver immediately. But you need permission to access to the Google Drive link, so please send us request and we will grant you access. In case our staffs are on a break, please give us 1 – 24 hours to give you access.

For Team Members

Only admins on the account will have the capacity to add/remove team members. The default admin account is your purchase email. If you are the admin:
Click on PURCHASED on the bottom of the menu bar and open up the TEAM tab. Navigate to the Product's Team Management tab click on Manage.
Add team members
Remove team members
To add team members to your team:
Enter the email addresses of people you want to add to your team. Click the Plus icon next to their email; to add the member's email from your account.
To remove team members to your team:
Click the Remove icon next to their email to delete the member's email from the account.
If you run into an issue, make sure that your browser does not have any pop-up blockers that will inhibit you from being able to sign up. Go ahead and turn those off, temporarily.
Also, we will provide remote support via Anydesk, Teamviewer or Ultraview. If you have any problems, contact live support.
Thank you for choosing and being a Henull customer!